Fear NFTs Partners with the Gather Network

Above image is taken from our upcoming horror game “Whack the Demon” which will be available to play on our portal www.whackit.co for free. The game will draw in a huge player base that Fear and Gather can tap into.

Never before has an NFT game dev studio and crypto mining platform partnered to bring gamers the ability to mine crypto currency simply by playing games. For a wide reaching audience like ours that’s a pretty big deal!

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We are close to launching Fear Coin!

It’s been a long journey up until this point but here at Fear NFTs we have almost arrived at the point of launching our coin, a coin that will be at the heart and soul of our horror games. Sometimes the best things come to those who wait and here we are referring to ourselves as much as our prospective holders of Fear in the future.

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We’ve Just Re-Branded (Slightly!)

So we just took the decision to rebrand our blockchain franchise from “Fear Coin” to “Fear NFT Games”. The main reason behind this is we want it to be clear in the minds of our fans and users that we are game orientated business focused on NFT’s and not just an artificial ERC-20 token without a real purpose.

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Our Current Team Set Up at Fear NFT Games

I thought I would give people a look into our current team set up at Fear NFT Games and who we have working on the NFT’s and the game development hand in hand. Fear NFT Games is the same team as the Whack It team who are currently re-developing all our previous games as well as new horror chapters of the series.

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