tokenising your worst nightmares

Fear Coin

Fear's Coin (digital token) is launching shortly, you can check the distribution, periods of unlocking, benefits of being holder and more below.

Fear Coin is an NFT utility token that provides exclusive game benefits to holders and users within our horror game verse.

fear coin

Token DistributionCoin Distribution

token distribution token distribution
  • Max Supply: 65M
  • Seed Round: 2.1125M (3.25%)
    20% unlocked first week, 20% - M2/M5/M7/M9
  • Private Round: 11.375M (17.5%)
    20% unlocked first week, 20% - M2/M5/M7/M9
  • Liquidity Pool:9.75M(15%)
  • Ecosystem Incentives:15.7625M(24.25%)
    (4% unlocked per month starting month 2)
  • Team: 13M (20%)
    (locked for 12 months - 20% unlocked M13/M16/M19/M22/M25)
  • Partners & Advisors: 3.25M (5%)
    (locked for 12 months)
  • Dev & Marketing Fund:9.75M(15%)
    (4% unlocked per month starting month 2)

* Liquidity unlock periods: 14% unlocked 1st week, 10% - M4/M7/M10/M13/M16/M25, 6% - M28

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Coin Launch Schedule

  • 1. Private Investor Raise
  • 2. Whitepaper and incubator/launchpad
  • 3. Sale
  • 4. Uniswap and CEX listings
  • 5. Coingecko and Coinmarketcap listing

Scarily Great TokenomicsTokenomics: Scarily Great!

hodler benefits
  • An ERC-20 coin backed by a brand with
  • The success of our blockchain games and NFTs will be intrinsically reflected in the growing liquidity added to Fear coin on the open exchange and the "play to earn" prize pools.
  • Hold 66 coins and gain exclusive access to 'in game features' for Whack Your Undead Neighbour and Whack the Demon. This includes automatic entry to hunt for level entry NFT treasures in our games. Access the upcoming survival mode in Whack the Demon where you can win NFT prizes and Fear coin.
  • Hold 666* coins and have the ability to store items for use in your backpack in our upcoming game "Whack the Demon".
  • Hold 6,666* coins and open a portal to the underworld from which unimaginable demons will emerge to fight and farm special NFTs from. (open the portal at your own risk)
  • Hold 66,666* coins - the mark of the devil and get the chance to slay satan himself at the gates of hell in our upcoming game Whack the Demon. Unknown NFTs of extraordinary demonic power could drop.
  • Hold 666,666* coins and work with us to create your very own NFT character or creature that will feature in the upcoming game 'Whack the Demon'. You will own your own NFT!

* Holders benefits may change superficially before launch of each game but will be equally matched in terms of upgraded functionality and beneficial use.