tokenising your worst nightmares

Fear Games featuring Collectible NFT's

Fear are currently working on three games where unique NFT characters are available to own. The games are to be released over the next six months. All are horror based with different creatures you can own featuring in each game…

Whack Your Zombie Neighbour

whack your zombie neighbour

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Whack Your Zombie Neighbour will be our first game featuring NFT integration. It's already been released in a lite format and entertained millions of people. We are porting it from Adobe Flash to Unity and integrating NFT characters into the game that you can own on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your neighbour turns into a grotesque giant zombie creature and you must brutally kill him before he claims you as his next victim.

Play as Patrick, Lisa and Whisky while also awakening other crazy fantasy creatures in your garden to lend a hand it's kill or be killed in this merciless zombie butchering game. Use common and not so common garden items to brutally dispatch your neighbour before he claims you as his first victim!

Whack the Demon


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Our biggest game to date Whack the Demon features an evil demonic spirit sent by the devil himself to claim the souls of Patrick, Lisa and Whisky where it aims to drag their souls to hell and scupper their peaceful holiday at a cabin in the woods.

The demon takes countless mythical forms in attempt to strike fear into their very hearts before slaying them and capturing their souls. Playing as the classic three you must use all your wits about you to slay the demon.

As the night ticks away and the demonic spirit runs out of time, it becomes more desperate manifesting itself into more menacing, powerful and elaborate forms in attempt to defeat you. Has the Whack It team finally met their match or will the demon be the one that’s sent packing back to hell with empty handed.

Featuring an all new look and style, Whack the Demon will be Fear’s most iconic tokenised horror game. Some of the game’s demons are already available to purchase on the Ethereum blockchain.

Whack the Burglars Christmas Special

Due out in December Whack the Burglars Christmas Special see’s two scary Christmas monsters visit you in your home to punish you for the bloody murders you have committed in previous chapters of the games.

Playing as Patrick, Granny, Whisky (Patrick’s dog), Whiskers and Dusty (Patrick’s cats) it’s time to send these mischievous and blood thirsty monsters back to the dark depths they emerged from.