tokenising your worst nightmares

Fear NFTs

Now is your chance to own one of a kind demons and characters from our brutal and highly original series of horror games. Fear is the horror brand of Whack It - a viral series of bloody gruesome games for those with a dark sense of humour.

Whack Your Undead Neighbour

Our minting process has just begun for our games and will be completed by the end of March. We will have a whole collection of characters and items on sale for rock bottom entry prices (0.1 ETH each!) so it will be first come first serve for a few lucky buyers wanting to speculate on our NFTs!

We will also be surprising some of our life long fans with unique NFT airdrops.

  • the growth tree nft
  • patrick wyzn nft
  • undead nft

A Series Enjoyed by Famous Youtuber's

whack the serial killer whack the burglars

All our unique characters you can own will feature in our upcoming horror games. Famous Youtubers such as Jacksepticeye and Markiplier have played our series. You can view our Youtube stats here.

The Series takes a darker turn

Now everyone's favourite 2D murderous family is about to delve into the dark world of horror where their killing prowess will be put to a whole new test! Read about the upcoming games our NFT characters will be featuring in here.

Collect frightening and horrifying NFT's from our viral hit series of games. Exclusively own characters (good and bad) from each game where millions of players will see your name on the character and Ethereum address.

Choose a side to own, will you be Good or Evil?

Own vile creates and demons from the dark side or opt for the somewhat "good" side by collecting the murderous family themselves - Patrick, Lisa, Whisky, Granny, Whiskers and Dusty!

One of a Kind

There's only one character per game to collect, each of which has been hand drawn and uniquely animated as a FEAR NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.