tokenising your worst nightmares

Meet the TeamMeet the Team

Meet the guys behind the famous Whack It series now taking their series into the darker side of fantasy!

Jonathan Carey

Co-Founder & Project Leader:

jonathan carey

Jonathan ran his own Digital creative agency in the UK for 10 years before starting the "Whack It" series of games in 2015.

He has 20 years experience in visual design, 2D animation and story boarding. He has 5 years' experience developing Unity games.

Favourite Games: Silent Hill, Little Nightmares

Patrick Carey

Co-Founder & Software Dev:

patrick carey

Patrick has 20+ years software development experience in industries spanning games, finance, online media and of course Crypto :-D Passionate about violent, bloody online horror games and especially those that shock people.

Favourite Games: Resident Evil series, Doom and Diablo series.

Andrew Mitchell

Senior Software Developer:

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew has 20+ years' software development experience spanning desktop, web and mobile.

Andrew has worked across a number of industries during the course of his career including government, healthcare, insurance and market intelligence. Based in London for 15 years.

Favourite games: FPS's and the next gen skateboard games.

Aditya Singh

Project Manager:

Aditya Singh

Aditya has 10 years of experience as a PM for digital and energy companies in both the US and Middle East.

Favourite games: Fifa, Call of Duty.

Sebastian Buchet

Animator and Script Writer:

Sebastian Buchet

Sebastian has 10 years' experience in the creative industry. He has animated for several indie dev studios using Adobe Animate (previously Flash) and Spine 2D. He has also co-written a TV series in Sweden.

Favourite Games: RPGs inc. A Plague Tale, Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemtion 2, Dragon's Dogma

Tina Beukes

Digital Illustrator:

Tina Beukes

Tina has 10 years experience as an independent illustrator working with a wide variety of childrens books, indie games and comics. She loves the darker side of film and art and has found her true home at Fear NFTs!