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NFT's: Whack the Demon

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About the Game


Whack the Demon is the upcoming and much anticipated 2D horror fantasy game of the viral Whack It series that will take the visual, gameplay and overall quality of our series to a totally new level. It will be the blockchain industry's most played, most bloody, most gruesome and most viral (lot's of bragging points!) horror game to date when released due to the series huge player base already. You can check our game stats and history here.

whack the demon

Back Story

Resuming the roles of every's favourite violent family, Patrick, Whisky and Lisa you set off on holiday to a cabin in the woods for some peace and tranquility, only to be confronted by an Ancient, foul demon. This demon has been awoken by the devil himself and to complete one task - to drag the souls of the Whack It family members to hell for an eternity of punishment for all the wrong doings of the previous chapters of the game.

Defend Yourself at All Costs

It will be up to you to brutally slay the demon in all it's wicked and devious forms and send it back to the depths of hell it came from. Failing to do so will damn you to an eternity of torture in hell. Of course being the intelligent and industrious family they are, Patrick, Lisa and Whisky can certainly make the most of typical everyday objects found around different environments with the capability of using them in the most brutal and creative of manners.

A Demon of Unimaginable Power

Never before has a demon been so powerful and hard to slay. This one has the capability to transform itself into devious and gigantic forms of truly monstrous proportions. More than ever before you will need your wits about you to oust it's spirit from each form it takes up. There will be a huge collection of forms the demon will manifest itself yanked from the pages of folklore and beyond!

Ownership of the Unique Demons and Characters

You will be able to own rare and unique NFT demons in the game which will eventually unlock special kills and hidden game mechanics. Some of the demons will be available to own and trade on the blockchain before the game is released on PC.