tokenising your worst nightmares

Possessed Woman

Featured Game: Whack the Demon

Strengths: Deceptive, crawls very well and hides in the shadows allowing for a surprise attack.

Weaknesses: Not much in terms of weapons beyond her mouth. She looks to pounce on her victims and bite them. Still she also has extreme strength due to the demons will controlling her.

The unlucky woman whose unfortune lead to her being the vessel for the ancient demonic force that is awoken to claim the souls of Patrick, Lisa and Whisky. No longer alive but instead a walking dead force of evil she has the family in her sights. Here she is seen in her common stance, preferring to crouch and hide in the shadows these woman is tricky to see, by the time you have caught sight of her it may be too late!

Here is your chance to own the first demonic form of our upcoming game "Whack the Demon". She will be the first demon that gamers get to brutally bash, mame and slay in the game before she turns into the long neck second form. A one of a kind demon on the blockchain, you will be owning a demon capable of truly dispcable acts.