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Stygian Wretch

(contains audio unmute to hear!)

Featured Game: Whack the Demon

Personality: Bitter and twisted spirit from the underworld, this demon will stop at nothing before your just like her, sightless and hideous! She takes great satisfaction in removing the eyes from her victims while they are alive.

Strengths: Incredibly sharp and long claws.

Weaknesses: Bad sight, she can only see when she flexes the palm of her hands so she cannot attack while viewing her victim!

The Stygian Wretch is an eyeless despicable demonic woman who appears as the third form in our upcoming horror game Whack the Demon. Her design was influenced from the Stygian Witches from 1981 Greek mythology movie Clash of the Titans and Pale Man from 2006 Spanish fantasy horror - Pan's Labyrinth.

She is incredibly hateful and bitter due to the wicked treatment she received during her life on earth. Now cast into hell after her brutal murder the eyes taken from her at her death are reattached to her hands.

Her eyesight isn't very good with sight only available temporary when she moves her hands up to her eye sockets. While her long fingers with razor sharp claws are her main weapon.

She is the third demonic form you will have to face in our upcoming brutal horror fantasy game "Whack the Demon" and this character is a one of a kind of her on the blockchain.

This is a one-of-a-kind original creation and animation. It took over a week to draw and animate this despicable demon as a collectible. The sale of this artwork will help fund the development of the game she will feature in "Whack the Demon".

Don't let her catch you staring at her, you may be her next victim!