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NFT's: Whack Your Zombie Neighbour

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  • patrick wyzn nft
  • zombie nft

About the Game

whack your zombie neighbour

Whack Your Zombie Neighbour is the fifth chapter in the Whack It series of games. It see's you re-visit the first game - Whack Your Neighbour where your neighbour is the unfortunate victim of a zombie outbreak. To stop you being the next you must use everyday items (and not so every day items) in your garden to butcher and kill him.

It will be the first game in the Whack It series to integrate with Fear NFT's.

The game features Patrick, Whisky and Lisa while some fantasy creatures also make a strong appearance including an ENT tree, the return of the plant monster, an octopus, a shark and more!

The collectible characters in the game will have the owners real ownership details displayed in the game for millions of players to see and eventually will also unlock special game options no other gamer will be able to use making the NFT's for this game extra special and rare!