tokenising your worst nightmares

Patrick (Lead Character)

(contains audio unmute to hear!)

Featured Game: Whack Your Zombie Neighbour

Personality: Sarcastic, impatient, dry

Strengths: Enginuity, speed, kung-fu training

Weaknesses: Impatience, obssessive compulsive disorders, prone to mood swings

Patrick is the lead character in the Whack It series of games that Fear NFT Games represents. He is known for his cool calculated demeanour when delivering swift bloody justice in the to his foes and enemies a like. Known for his dry and sarcastic nature he is very rarely rattled or distubed by what he see's, I guess his taste for extreme horror movies has dulled his senses. Here he is sporting a blood red t-shirt in the upcoming title Whack Your Zombie Neigbour.

Patrick regularly teams up with his trusty and faithful dog Whisky to dispatch of his enemies and in Whack Your Zombie Neighbour he teams up with Lisa for the first time to mame and bludgeon the zombie in many brutal ways.

When you buy this character your ownership details from OpenSea will feature live in the game for all gamers to see! The game is due out this year and improved version created in Unity, it's already received over 5 million Youtube views and 4 million play throughs.