tokenising your worst nightmares

The Growth Tree

(contains audio unmute to hear!)

Featured Game: Whack Your Zombie Neighbour

NFT Partner: Growth Defi

Personality: Grumpy, stubborn, fearless

Strengths: Raw strength, extendable arms, can form razor sharp fingers

Weaknesses: Immovable, rooted in place.

About Growth

The Growth Tree is an NFT ENT that is awakened to protect Patrick and his family against a vial zombie in our upcoming viral hit blockchain game "Whack Your Zombie Neighbour".

Just like the Defi Project it is dedicated and minted after (Growth Defi), the Growth Tree is a formidable powerhouse not to be antagonised.

The Growth Tree is brought out of his slumber by the Miracle $Gro mixture that can be used by players to give super powers to many different creatures in the garden. He has several weapons to choose from, not only is he able to pick up extremely heavy objects and toss at great speed, but he is able to re-form his arms into razor sharp knifes capable of cutting through flesh like a hot knife through butter.