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Zombie Neighbour

(contains audio unmute to hear!)

Featured Game: Whack Your Zombie Neighbour

Personality: Agitated, angry, bitter, and twisted these are the traits this grotesque zombie shares with its former human vessel.

Strengths: Raw strength, tentacle arm extension for longer reach, adaptability through mutation

Weaknesses: Slow and rather clumsy at times, get’s distracted and looses focus through rage.

This zombie is the human neighbour that Patrick and Whisky had to face in the original hit game but on steroids. He is extra angry and big in every sense.

The original game "Whack Your Neighbour" received instant Youtube fame with pretty much everyone who plays games on Youtube covering the game due to it's sheer level of brutality and creativity. Now re-imagined in zombie form, this hideous version of Patrick and Whisky's neighbour will take just as much of a beating and mutilation as the original neighbour did.

Whack Your Neighbour was imagined from a real-life circumstance where the game creators lived next door to an angry, balding, and bitter neighbour who hated their beloved German Shepherd dog Whisky for no good reason! He would come around and try to cause trouble for Whisky and Patrick every day.

When you buy this character your ownership details from OpenSea will feature live in the game for all gamers to see! The game is due out this year and improved version created in Unity, it’s already received over 5 million Youtube views and 4 million play throughs.